Hello ladies. I hope you had a great weekend and found time to rest.  This is such a busy time of year.  For us, things don’t slow down until after Christmas. Christmas!!! Oh my goodness.  It will be here before we know it.

I have updated my Sweet and Sour Lady menu. Here is the link if you would like to print it out or need it for a quick peek.
My hope is that my meals will be a blessing to you. I know how easy it can be to grab something quick in the evenings when you are tired.  Maybe you will grab one from me! Actually, I deliver.  Even better.
This week I have:
Monday – Poppyseed Chicken, Nut and Berry Salad and Asparagus.
Tuesday – Beef Stew and Crispy Cornbread or Saltines
Wednesday – Taco Soup or Tacos (crispy or soft)
I will be out of town Thursday and Friday.
In the freezer right now, I have:
1 – Medium Chili
3 – Medium Chicken and Rice Soups
1 – Large Chicken Spinach Tortellini Florentine
1 – Sloppy Joe Meal Kit (serves 2-3) $12.00
3 – Small Beefy Spaghetti
2 – Small Beef Stroganoff
**The smalls are similar to the 6×8 size.  They are large double portions.
As always, you can special order anything off the menu at any time. I know several of you have some favorites.  Thank you for that!!
Now for the Bake Sale – As many of you know, Grant plays the trumpet in the awesome Lubbock Christian High School Band.  This year, the band gets to play on the streets of Disney World over the Christmas holidays.  I am raising money for our family to go with him by having a bake sale from now until November 10th. All the items I can make for you are listed under the Sweets section of my menu. Be thinking of birthdays, get well gifts, and even other fundraisers that I could help relieve some stress for you. It will be a win/win for both of us.
Have a SWEET day!

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