Pinto Beans

A bowl of beans soaking beside the sink at night was a common scene when I was growing up.  I knew the beans would simmer in a great big pot the next morning. I would sample them throughout the day, wondering what else would be served with them. Honestly, it didn’t matter if it was just cornbread or if we were going to have a huge spread; the beans were going to steal the show.

Now, I love to cook a big pot of beans as well.  It reminds of me of my childhood. I can still hear my family chanting the famous beans song. And yes, I taught my kids the same little ditty when they were young.

Once I finish cooking a fresh pot of beans, I divide them up into single servings and freeze them.  I love having fresh black beans or pinto beans to use in recipes or as a side dish.

Personally, I think canned beans are gross.  Just what exactly is put into the beans to make that gel substance that coats the can? When I’m in a pinch and need beans, it takes me a minute to get them good and rinsed.

So, let me share a few meals that I add pinto means to:

First and foremost ~  Ham, beans and cornbread. It’s a Southern thing, I think.

A good, cheesy tortilla with fresh pinto beans just can’t be beat, especially if you are a struggling college student. I’m talking pennies for a meal that will fill you to your core. I’m speaking from experience here.

I also use pinto beans in my Chicken Tortilla Soup as well as my Chili.  No kidney beans in this house.

I use black beans for almost everything else ~

Beef Taco Soup, Beef Mexican Casserole, Mexican Pile On and as a side or topping to my Sour Cream Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Casserole.

I love beans. They are magical. They are wonderful fruit. The more I eat, the more I toot…

my horn about them.

Enjoy~ The Sweet and Sour Lady


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