Don’t sweat it.

As the holidays are approaching and the kid’s activities begin to multiply, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to have a home-made meal on the table. That’s where the Sweet and Sour Lady can help. I’ve prepared a week of menus for you to go by when preparing meals for your family or to order from me if cooking just isn’t an option.  Here is what will be on our plates (or in our bowls) this week.


Monday – Beef Taco Soup (Small feeds 1 – $5.00, Medium feeds 2 – $10.00, Large feeds 6 – $24.00. Toppings (chips, salsa, cheese, sour cream and guacamole are $1.50 per person)
**prices are adjusted for large groups and catering**
Tuesday – Beefy Spaghetti (Individual $6.00, Small $12.00 *approximately 2 servings, Medium $36.00 *approximately 6 servings, Large $70.00 *approximately 12 servings) Garlic Bread (*$1.50 per slice, $6.00 per half dozen or $15.00 per dozen) and a wedge salad (Single $6.00, Small $12.00, Medium $25.00 or Large $50.00)
Wednesday – Sour Cream Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Casserole  (Individual $6.00, Small $12.00 *two servings, Medium $36.00 *approximately 6 servings, Large $70.00 *approximately 12 servings) Toppings include sour cream, avocado slices and diced tomatoes ($1.50 per person *prices adjusted for large groups and catering** Black beans as a side (Single Serving $4.00. Small $8.00, Medium $15.00 and Large $30.00. A hearty tossed salad with homemade peppercorn ranch will also be served   (Single $6.00, Small $12.00, Medium $25.00 or Large $50.00) **Shredded Mexican Chicken can be added to the salad to change it to a Mexican Salad for $3.00 a person**
Thursday – Crispy Cheese Chicken Breasts and Roasted Veggies ($8.00 per person) **Grilled Chicken Breasts can be substituted**
Friday – Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries ($6.50 per person) ** if ordering, please indicate mayo, mustard, ketchup. Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion and pickles are served on the side**
There is a $3.00 delivery fee for all orders or 15% for catering. 
I will be sharing our Thanksgiving Menu in the upcoming days for ideas and orders.
I better get bundled up and head to Sams Club and Market Street.  What would I do without them?
Have a sweet day!

Bake Sale

Hello ladies. I hope you had a great weekend and found time to rest.  This is such a busy time of year.  For us, things don’t slow down until after Christmas. Christmas!!! Oh my goodness.  It will be here before we know it.

I have updated my Sweet and Sour Lady menu. Here is the link if you would like to print it out or need it for a quick peek.
My hope is that my meals will be a blessing to you. I know how easy it can be to grab something quick in the evenings when you are tired.  Maybe you will grab one from me! Actually, I deliver.  Even better.
This week I have:
Monday – Poppyseed Chicken, Nut and Berry Salad and Asparagus.
Tuesday – Beef Stew and Crispy Cornbread or Saltines
Wednesday – Taco Soup or Tacos (crispy or soft)
I will be out of town Thursday and Friday.
In the freezer right now, I have:
1 – Medium Chili
3 – Medium Chicken and Rice Soups
1 – Large Chicken Spinach Tortellini Florentine
1 – Sloppy Joe Meal Kit (serves 2-3) $12.00
3 – Small Beefy Spaghetti
2 – Small Beef Stroganoff
**The smalls are similar to the 6×8 size.  They are large double portions.
As always, you can special order anything off the menu at any time. I know several of you have some favorites.  Thank you for that!!
Now for the Bake Sale – As many of you know, Grant plays the trumpet in the awesome Lubbock Christian High School Band.  This year, the band gets to play on the streets of Disney World over the Christmas holidays.  I am raising money for our family to go with him by having a bake sale from now until November 10th. All the items I can make for you are listed under the Sweets section of my menu. Be thinking of birthdays, get well gifts, and even other fundraisers that I could help relieve some stress for you. It will be a win/win for both of us.
Have a SWEET day!

What’s in the freezer 10/5/18

I have several things in my freezer right now to get you through your weekend. Please text me if you see anything you may need (806)577-2070

1 – Breakfast Casserole (saugsage, egg and cheese) $24.00

1 – Family Pan – Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti $36.00

1 – Party Pan (approximately 14 servings)-  Pork for Street Tacos. The meat is also really great for breakfast burritos, egg scrambles, burritos and nachos. You can add some bbq sauce for sandwiches or you can even put it on a baked potato.  YUM!! $70.00

2 – 16 oz – Pulled Pork – See Above. $12.00 each

5 – 8 oz Chicken Tortilla Soup. $6.00 each

3 – 6×8 – Poppyseed Chicken. $12.00

3 – 6×8 – Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti. $12.00 each

2 – 6×8 – Beefy Spaghetti. $12.00 each

1 – Individual –  Beefy Spaghetti. $6.00

2 – Individual – Pepperoni Chicken with angel hair pasta. $6.00 each

2 – 6×8 – Secret Spicy Meatloaf. $12.00 each

2 – 6×8 – Chicken Pot Pies. $12.00 each

Sweet! Lunches and Specials

SandS Tag October Special

As you may know, I first starting providing “food therapy” with my good friend, D’Anne, when we started Lubbock Lunch Ladies.  We still cater together sometimes but due to our schedules raising teenagers, we are not able to cook together every day. But! That may be better for you. Now you have double the options for lunch. Some days, I will be able to cook, some days, D’Anne will be able to cook and some days both of us will be cooking! Lucky you!

Here is my upcoming lunch menu: Please text me (806)577-2070 no later than 9:00 am the day of delivery. Payments can be accepted by cash, credit card or my Venmo is @jposstaylor and my Paypal is

*As always, anything on the menu can be ordered at any time. Not just for lunch! I have attached a coupon for October. Please feel free to share!

I look forward to serving you.

Have a sweet day!


Tuesday ~ October 2 ~

#1     Grape Chicken Salad Croissant, Potato Chips or Poppyseed Fruit Medley, and a chocolate chip cookie. $8.50 with water or $9.25 with sweet tea.  Additional sandwiches can be purchased for $5.00. Additional cookies for $2.00.

#2     Grape Chicken Salad on a bed of romaine lettuce. Choose Ranch, Champagne Vinaigrette or Poppyseed dressing. $6.50 with water or $7.25 with sweet tea.

#3     Pork Street Tacos (3) served with cheese and slaw, black beans, chips and salsa and a chocolate chip cookie. $8.50 with water or $9.25 with sweet tea. Additional tacos can be purchased for $5.00. Additional cookies for $2.00.

Wednesday ~ October 3 ~

#1     Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti, tossed salad and a slice of the Favorite Chocolate Bundt Cake. Choose ranch, peppercorn ranch, champagne vinaigrette or Italian dressing. $8.50 with water or $9.25 with sweet tea.  A double portion of Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti can be added for $5.00. An additional slice of cake for $2.25.

#2     Italian Anti Pasta Tossed Salad. Choose ranch, peppercorn ranch, champagne vinaigrette or Italian dressing. $6.25 with water or $7.00 with sweet tea. Add a slice of the Favorite Chocolate Bundt Cake for $2.25.

Monday ~ October 8 ~

#1     Chicken Pot Pie, Nut and Berry Salad or Tossed Salad and Better Than… for dessert.  Choose ranch, peppercorn ranch, champagne vinaigrette or Italian dressing. $8.50 with water or $9.25 with sweet tea.

#2     Nut and Berry Salad with chicken. Choose ranch, peppercorn ranch, champagne vinaigrette or Italian dressing. $6.25 with water or $7.00 with sweet tea. Add the Better Than… dessert for $2.25.

Tuesday ~ October 9 ~

#1     Brisket Sandwich, Potato Salad or Potato Chips, Baked Beans and peach cobbler. $8.50 with water or $9.25 with sweet tea. Additional sandwiches can be purchased for $5.00.







What’s available 9/24

Here is a list of several things that I currently have in my freezer right now for purchase. Please let me know if you would like me to drop off something or if you would like to run by. Just send me a text: (806)577-2070 Have a sweet day! j

Family Pans $36.00 – Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

6×8 Pans $12.00 – Sour Cream Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Single Servings $6.00 – Pepperoni Chicken w/Angel Hair Pasta (3), Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti (1), Beefy Spaghetti (5), Chicken Tortilla Soup (5), Chicken “n Rice Casserole (1), Sour Cream Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Casserole (1), Lemon Blueberry Pancakes in sets of 2 (2) at  $3.00 per set.

Apple Butter $10.00 (4)

Apple Butter

Apple Butter

A good friend of mine shared this recipe with me several years ago. Since then, I have changed it up a little but not much. Once I made it with pears which was delicious too but my heart and my tummy stay with apples.

I absolutely love giving this treat as a gift in the fall through Christmas. It’s perfect for teachers and adorable to add in a food basket. It’s perfect, that is, if I have any left. My husband devours it every time I make it. It truly is sweet and scrumptious. If you are an apple butter lover, you will never want the store bought stuff again. It simply can’t compare.

If you are aiming to have a sweet day. A spoonful of this gem will do the trick.

With Sweet Love!



Let me hear ya shout!

Nostalgia. Pride. Love…

Growing up in West Texas, I remember the smell, the emotion, the sounds of Friday Night Lights. Even the wind feels different in the stands and on the field during a football game.

I remember the first time I donned that Columbia blue and white cheerleading outfit and set foot out on the Greenwood field to cheer for my Rangers.

All those memories don’t even compare to the happiness that filled my heart watching my baby girl all dressed up and cheering at her very first game for the Lubbock Christian School Eagles.

She was good.  Really good.  No, she was great!

I hear parents saying they wish time would slow down.  I don’t feel that way. I love every season. I love the new memories. The new milestones. But most of all, I love Brooke Elizabeth Taylor.

Let me hear ya shout, “Brooke!”


Beans, beans, the wonderful fruit.

Pinto Beans

A bowl of beans soaking beside the sink at night was a common scene when I was growing up.  I knew the beans would simmer in a great big pot the next morning. I would sample them throughout the day, wondering what else would be served with them. Honestly, it didn’t matter if it was just cornbread or if we were going to have a huge spread; the beans were going to steal the show.

Now, I love to cook a big pot of beans as well.  It reminds of me of my childhood. I can still hear my family chanting the famous beans song. And yes, I taught my kids the same little ditty when they were young.

Once I finish cooking a fresh pot of beans, I divide them up into single servings and freeze them.  I love having fresh black beans or pinto beans to use in recipes or as a side dish.

Personally, I think canned beans are gross.  Just what exactly is put into the beans to make that gel substance that coats the can? When I’m in a pinch and need beans, it takes me a minute to get them good and rinsed.

So, let me share a few meals that I add pinto means to:

First and foremost ~  Ham, beans and cornbread. It’s a Southern thing, I think.

A good, cheesy tortilla with fresh pinto beans just can’t be beat, especially if you are a struggling college student. I’m talking pennies for a meal that will fill you to your core. I’m speaking from experience here.

I also use pinto beans in my Chicken Tortilla Soup as well as my Chili.  No kidney beans in this house.

I use black beans for almost everything else ~

Beef Taco Soup, Beef Mexican Casserole, Mexican Pile On and as a side or topping to my Sour Cream Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Casserole.

I love beans. They are magical. They are wonderful fruit. The more I eat, the more I toot…

my horn about them.

Enjoy~ The Sweet and Sour Lady


The “All Clear”

Grant Released 2x3 w strike.jpg

It’s a day for celebration in the Taylor Household.

Almost a year ago, Grant got sick. It started with a cold, then moved on to strep. He had stomach pains as well. This went on for several months. That overwhelming “Mommy sense” came over me, and I decided to request a round of labs to be drawn to see if there was an underlying cause creating a reason for him not to heal.

When the results came in, we discovered that Grant was hypoglycemic and very anemic. The cause for his stomach pains was still in question.

As we began a whole new learning curve trying to figure out how to maintain his blood sugar, we also began juggling tests, more tests, doctor appointments and more doctor appointments.

Finally, answers…

Grant has now been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  Another learning curve for us.

Although he has a new diagnosis (along with asthma, hypoglycemia, and Asperger’s) , he has been officially given the “all clear” and released from hematology at the Texas Tech Southwest Cancer Center. My heart goes out to all of the children I saw during our visits at the clinic. They have more strength than I do, that’s for sure.

Actually, so does Grant.  He’s an excellent patient. He’s an excellent young man.

Thank you, God, for Grant, and thank you, God, for the “all clear.”


I have to say, my favorite things about mornings are my coffee and seeing the faces of my children.

Until they ask what’s for breakfast.

I do love to cook.  I enjoy feeding others and the entire “hospitality” thing.

But I don’t eat breakfast.  I drink my breakfast. Coffee only!

So, when my family asks what’s for breakfast, it is nice to have items ready in the freezer. Right now, I have these Creamy Dreamy Cinnamon Rolls that I made a few days ago. I have Sausage Balls that I made one evening, then stored away for a quick meal. Grant loves them. I also have huge Muffin Sandwiches that would make the McMuffin crawl back under the wax paper it came out of. There are huge squares of our family’s favorite Breakfast Casserole, which I have to restock often. My kids love to grab a slice to heat up for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an after school snack. Finally, I have Lemon Pancakes and Lemon Blueberry Pancakes, a new favorite around here.  The big fresh blueberries that I froze burst in your mouth with every bite.

I walk out to the garage with coffee in one hand and grab a delicious, healthy, home-made breakfast out of the freezer with the other hand, never missing a sip.

Some moms have to heat up their coffee in the microwave because mornings caught them off guard.  Not me. I heat up breakfast.


The Sweet and Sour Lady